mardi, octobre 27, 2009


Aujourd'hui, Emusic, le site de vente indie américain (dont le versant éditorial est souvent très intéressant) consacre une sélection d'albums au nouveau style "glo-fi" qui émerge aux Etats-Unis. La définition elle-même est à se taper le derrière par terre, mais, bon, voilà :

Hypnagogic Pop. Shitgaze. Chillwave. And, oh yes, Glo-Fi. These are the punny, dumb, possibly satirical terms that have come to define a strange and insistent 2009 sound. So what is it exactly? It is low-fi, certainly, recorded in basements and bedrooms and makeshift home studios. It is also gorgeous and diffuse and in some cases influenced by nostalgic ephemera, be it an ’80s Saturday morning cartoon’s theme song, ’70s cheese pop or the narcotizing serenity of New Age. It’s electro, but retro. Rock, but never rawk. Goofy, but not necessarily a gag. Either way, the production values are low, but the feeling is turned up. Discover some of the best of the bunch with this handy guide to a subtly compelling subgenre.

A noter qu'on a déjà fait ici quelques reviews de Glo-fi :