lundi, août 17, 2009

Baby Teeth - Hustle Beach - 4,1/10


Il y a des productions ainsi à propos desquelles, même avec toute la bonne volonté du monde, on ne trouve rien à dire.


Pourtant Pitchfork lui donne 7,1/10 : Truth be told, the sociological part of my brain wants to position Baby Teeth as the lower-stakes, Midwestern Vampire Weekend, and my indier-than-thou side wants to assert that Dan Bejar does more inventive things with similar source material, while creating his own mythology to boot. (mais bien sur!!!)
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Tinymixtapes est plus proche de ce que je pense : Hustle Beach is competently executed, but it lacks a creative vision of its own to animate it. It’s suitable music for a barroom or a background party mix, but offers little to ponder in the silence of your bedroom.