vendredi, décembre 30, 2011

Hull - Beyond The Lightless Sky - 5,7/10

Toujours utile d'avoir quelque part dans ses collections un album comme celui-ci. Rayon métal général, mais qui touche à tout ce qui peut être peu ou prou plus 'mainstream' : quelques cris hardcore, des solos de guitare, un bagage Stoner évident. Pop Matters développe une très intéressante analyse : 2011 has been an incredible year for metal, with a seemingly endless array of bands breaking all sorts of cardinal rules about what metal is supposed to be. You can safety add Hull to that list as well. With an orchestral-like scope, and an adventurous heart, Beyond the Lightless Sky offers a far more nuanced listening experience than Hull’s debut. The songwriting has matured, and the arrangements are more measured, but this hasn’t reduced the band’s ability to thrash hard and thrash well. It’s a determined and significant release, and one thoroughly deserving of a lot more visibility in the realms of heaving, epic metal. 

Heavy Sound (en Français), Pitchfork (6,9/10)